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Fontana Unified School District Board on November 6, 2012
P.O. Box 1707
Fontana, CA 92334
(909) 609-5754
Why vote for Carole Lee?
As a long-term Fontana resident and educator, I am dedicated to every student’s success. I have served as a teacher’s aide, teacher, and administrator. As a School Board Member, I will analyze programs to improve instruction for all students including students with special needs. I will work with students, parents and staff to provide high quality instruction, and ensure that we accomplish our mission while staying within our means. I will focus on making sure that our students are learning in safe, clean schools.
My education includes a BA in psychology, an MA in educational psychology/special education, an MA in educational leadership and a PhD in educational psychology. I have been involved in our community for many years including service in PTA, school site councils, and as a Girl Scout leader. I have also served the community at large for over a decade as a Fontana Planning Commissioner, and as a Library Foundation director. As a member of the Mayor's Gala committee, I helped to raise millions of dollars to benefit Fontana citizens, including the library and Boys and Girls Club. I know state requirements, and I have the skills required of a board member. My husband, children and two grandchildren are Fontana graduates, and three of my grandchildren are attending our schools. I believe in public education! I have always taken an active role in improving our community and our schools. I am asking for your vote to support my continued role as a Fontana educational leader devoted to our children’s success.
On November 6th, Fontana citizens have the opportunity to elect people of character and integrity, people who care about making sure that we select teachers, administrators, and other staff who are not only educated and experienced, but also moral and ethical. We can expect no less than the highest quality at every level, and that every person in our community has a voice in transforming our schools. As a community, we must work together to achieve the common goal of educating every student to achieve their greatest potential. Fontana is a diverse community, with voices representing every racial, ethnic, religious and political view. We must bring every viewpoint together in renewing our dedication to leadership focused on meeting the challenges of educating every child prepared for success beyond high school. We must ensure that every student and the adults who serve them be treated with dignity and respect, and that we build the relationships essential to achieving this mission throughout our community. I promise to provide that leadership for every Fontanan, including the students, parents, teachers, administrators and classified staff who serve this district. Through my role on this board, I intend to build trust, to be honest and to be transparent in every aspect of role. I promise to be accessible and accountable. I need your promise to practice the same values, and to be involved in our schools.
To accomplish these goals, we must improve the communication throughout our district and community. Please contact me, and feel secure that your experiences and concerns will be treated with respect and remain confidential. Every person’s comments, recommendations and concerns are important to achieving our shared goals for students. Together, we can foster the climate of moral and ethical education that is essential in creating world class learning opportunities for our children. I am looking forward to serving every person in this community for the next four years. It will be a privilege and an honor to collaborate with the entire board to achieve the goals of graduating every student prepared for life.
Thank You for Your Support!
Vote for Carole Lee!
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